What are the essential gadgets for writers?

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With the fast advancing technology, there has never been a better time than now for writers. Technology has made a writer’s life fruitful, simple and more interesting.

This is an era of connectivity and gadgets. The internet has taken its place as the powerhouse of all independent business, and almost everything that a writer needs is accessible in a click of a button with the help of various electronic gadgets.

Here is a mini guide to some of the most important gadgets that you should have as a writer. The gadget names mentioned in this article is a result of carefully analyzing various surveys, to bring you the most essential gadgets for writers.

To talk about some of the brilliant gadgets in the market now, it is perfect to start with the Apple MacBook Pro. Priced at $1000-$2500, the Apple MacBook Pro is definitely one among the must-have gadgets for writers. It comes with beautifully designed hardware, operating system, impressive battery life, and retina display to keep your eyes strain-free even after prolonged usage. The MacBook Pro comes with some great in-built applications for word processing, and task planning. Honestly, with this class product, almost everything you need – from tools for writing, applications to keep you updated on the move – is right at your fingertips.

Another must-have gadget for every writer is the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is a light-weight, portable tablet-shaped electronic device that helps you carry all your eBooks, so that read it whenever and wherever you go. Well, reading is such an essential part of a writer’s life, isn’t it? You can take it anywhere, access the bookstore via the Wi-Fi, buy or rent any eBook with this gadget. The display is extremely well-designed for prolonged usage and long battery life. If you love to carry your library wherever you go, the Amazon Kindle is for you. Priced at a decent $100-$150, it is a must-have gadget for every writer who loves to read while traveling.

Smartphones are essential gadgets for everyone, and for a writer, it is vital. It is important to have access to internet everywhere - to perform online research, read blogs, news, and have access to email and social networks. Apple iPhone and Google Nexus are two incredibly reliable smartphones available in the market. You can take high quality photos and videos, record voice, store music and other media, and stay connected via high-speed internet. The iPhone costs about $600 and the Nexus is priced around $400. Apart from having different operating systems and a few differences in the performance, it is not so easy to choose a better one among the two. The iPhone and the Nexus are two fantastic smartphones designed for top-notch connectivity and performance.

If you are looking for a mini-guide to essential gadgets for writers, these gadgets are sure to sum it up. Certainly, there are a lot more, but these are far more than enough for every writer to make things simple and get work done fast.

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